Simulation Wizard

Mark Steiner assisted a primary contractor in the successful completion of a large interactive training project that is currently being rolled out to 8,000 users. The training was simulation-based for bank employees on a mainframe application. The solution comprised an internal engine in CBT which read external files which rendered very precise and accurate screen simulations.  A wizard was also created which allowed for quick and easy creation and maintenance of simulation files. The team produced 33 hours of CBT in a six-month period. In conjunction with the 33 hours of CBT, 42 hours of instructor-led training and 7,600 pages of instructor and participant course materials were also developed.

Since that time, msi has also developed a GUI (graphical user interface) version, utilizing a similar approach of a wizard to create, edit, and maintain simulation files, and an Authorware engine to deliver the simulations.

We have also written a white paper which describes the tools and process.

Simulation CBT
Simulation Wizard
Simulation Wizard White Paper
Simulation Engine Description