eLearning Strategy and Design

msi provides eLearning strategy services to assist corporations in upfront strategies for wide training efforts. The eLearning strategy process is described in the steps below:

  • Assess company goals and needs: Analyze corporate business goals and processes, organizational structure, staffing, skills, and curriculum and instructional needs.
  • Identify current status of the company: Assess technology/infrastructure, existing content/library, training functions, stakeholders and customers, learning models, delivery formats, legacy systems and training budget.
  • Determine “future state”: Recommend business processes, technologies, organizational structure, and learning models to be used.
  • Identify gaps: Determine the disparities between existing content, technology, organizational structure or learning processes and the future model. Skill gaps and potential growth areas are recognized.
  • Develop an eLearning plan: Create a strategy for organizational changes, business processes, technology implementation, content design and development.

eLearning Strategy and Design
Instructional Design/Content Development
eLearning Process Consultation
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