WELCOME TO mark steiner, inc.

Since 2001, mark steiner, inc. (msi) is a learning consulting company specializing in technology-based learning. With experience in all phases and aspects of the learning process, we offer intelligent, honest, and practical expertise.


eLearning Strategy and Design

msi provides eLearning strategy services to assist corporations in upfront strategies for enterprise-wide training efforts.

Instructional Design/Content Development

The content development process consists of four main stages: Planning and Analysis, Design, Development, and Deployment.

Project Management

msi has extensive project management experience and skills. Whether it is expertly managing a project as part of the end-to-end solution or fulfilling the project management role on an interactive media or web-based training project.

eLearning Process Consultation

Over the past two decades msi has continued to dissect and perfect the eLearning process. Let msi help you set and streamline your eLearning process.